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There's so much to love about this spectacular province. And so much that needs protecting. Luckily, there are many businesses that understand the importance of recycling and the responsibility they have to helping build a greener BC.

Is your favourite company one of them?

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  • The Facts about MMBC

    There has been some recent media coverage that hasn’t provided the full picture in terms of how the new recycling system will work. To help clear up any misunderstanding that may surround the new industry-funded program, we’ve provided some further context and clarification to some of the statements that have recently appeared in some media outlets.

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Participate & Learn

CSSA First Annual National Stewards Meeting

CSSA and our family of recycling organizations, including MMBC, held its first annual national meeting for stewards of packaging and printed paper programs in British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario on October 31, 2013.

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Who is affected

British Columbia is transitioning responsibility for end-of-life management of packaging and printed paper (PPP) from governments and their taxpayers to industry and their consumers. As part of this approach, stewards (companies and organizations that supply PPP to residential consumers) were required, under the BC Recycling Regulation, to have or be part of an approved stewardship plan to recover PPP.

As a result, those affected by this regulation are companies and organizations that are stewards as well as local governments, companies and organizations that collect PPP or prepare it for shipment to end-markets.

If you are affected, choose your sector above to learn more.

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