BC Recycling Regulation

What is a voluntary steward?

A voluntary steward is located outside of BC but supplies products with packaging or printed paper to residents in BC. Voluntary stewards were able to demonstrate environmental responsibility for their packaging and/or printed paper by signing a Letter of Intent with MMBC to become a voluntary steward.

What is extended producer responsibility?

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) is an environmental policy mechanism in which a steward’s responsibility for its product (e.g., packaging, printed paper) is extended to the post-consumer stage of the product’s lifecycle. Responsibility includes managing the product from the point the consumer is ready to discard it through to end-of-life by collecting and diverting it from disposal.

What is the BC Recycling Regulation?

In July 2004, British Columbia (BC) enacted the Environmental Management Act and then, in October 2004, the Recycling Regulation which transitions responsibility for managing end-of-life products from government and its taxpayers to industry and its consumers.  The Recycling Regulation was amended in May 2011 to include Schedule 5 which defines the packaging and printed paper product (PPP) category.  With this inclusion, the stewards of PPP became obligated to submit a stewardship program plan to the government. 

What is a stewardship plan?

A stewardship plan describes how stewards will provide reasonable access to residents for packaging and printed paper collection services in BC and achieve a 75% recovery rate. Stewardship plans were to be submitted to the Ministry of Environment by November 19, 2012.